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Let’s Use Blockchain to Create a Universal Basic Income

Imagine if, once a month, everyone received a baseline amount of money regardless of wealth or income. And this baseline amount was “hardcoded” into everyone’s account, meaning it has no dependence on partisan politics and was very difficult to change without a broad consensus. It would be an automatically executing transfer, or origination, of funds that everyone receives seamlessly at

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A New Network for Smart Devices

Our goal is to implement scalable and economically viable technologies to help build the decentralized internet. And we have started moving towards this goal with the deployment of the first 50 of our wireless hotspots. These hotspots are a novel technology developed by Helium, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company that has created the underlying systems backing this wireless network, known as

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How Does the D-Web Work?

  You might be wondering what we mean by the “Decentralized Web” (or D-Web) and how its different than the modern web. The internet as we know it runs on what’s known as a “client-server” model, where internet users request information stored on centralized servers using their computers, smart phones, or other internet-connected device. These servers then store information about

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